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Nationality : bolivia
Registration : 2012-02-14
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Location : La Paz

PostSubject: Tonny   Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:40 pm

My information:

First Name: Anthony R.
Age: 21.
Country or State: Bolivia.
Languages​​: Spanish and English.
Favorite food: Chicken.
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Music: Metal.
Frace favorite: It's not who you are inside, Your actions are what define you.
My teams: Real Madrid.
Projects: To be a responsible human being, honest. To succeed in the future.
Dreams: Be a Computer System Engineer.
Hobbies: Playing and Designing GameZer.
Activities: Student.
Travel experience: Only within the country, I would go abroad.
I'd like to meet: Everyone.

Information GameZer my account:
Nick: Tonny.
Team: T First.
Registration date: 2010.
Favorite games: Snooker, 8ball.
My ID's: Here
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